YADM - Yet another dynamic menu

YADM is an accessible DHTML dropdown/flyout/explorer solution with complete separation of CSS and Javascript

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Dropdown navigations still seem to be cool and are part of almost every screen design these days. The fact that they cause a lot of accessibility and usability issues seems not to transpire, and clients keep asking for them. The amount of badly written obstrusive and bloated scripts is staggering. There are some very good ones though (Son of suckerfish, aqTree2, Gazingus), so why another one?

Why you might want to use YADM

YADM was created with the following ideas in mind:


08.09.2004 - YADM released and Mac testing and fixing help needed. I don't have access to a Mac, so if you are savvy of CSS and Javascript and use a Mac, please contribute by fixing some of the issues that might be showing up.