Contributing to YADM

Fame, riches and luck awaits you!

You are very invited to create your own CSS example for YADM and send it to me. Simply put a demo page on your server, link to the CSS and send me the URL using the form below. I will check your example and add it to the submitted examples page. Use "YADM example:" and the name of yout CSS as the subject. Jump right to the form

Be part of the solution, not the problem

You can also submit bugs you have found with this form, and I will add a bugs section later. However, it'll be even better if you found a bug and a solution for it, which would mean I'd list your fix on the examples and the bugs page.

If you submit a bug, please be specific, and report the browser it shows on, the operating system and provide screenshots and online examples. Please notice that I cannot help with Mac issues, as I simply don't have access to one. Jump right to the form