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Flexible navigation with PHP

written by:Christian Heilmann on 26.04.2002
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The navigation woe

All of you who ever coded a web site for a third party (customer,friends) know the problem: You code all the HTML by hand and after you finished they want some new menu item, a different order or want one deleted "till the next month".

Now you either change all the HTML pages by hand or use search + replace in the whole folder, which is a very handy approach, resulting in complete disaster in 90% of the cases.

A way to spare you this work is to use PHP to generate the navigation. Take a look at this. It is fully generated from a small script. All you need to do is to tweak it for your purposes and name your pages the same way you name the entries in the menu. But let's take one step at a time.

Table of contents:

The navigation woe
How to gain flexibility
The page template.
The nav.php script
Download and known issues

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