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Category: Javascript Version:1.0
Last page update:14.04.2003

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Version History

- 1.0 Initial release

Short information

Pic-O-Matic is a Javascript that allows you to dynamically change an image in a page.

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- Do not use it for non-private, profit orientated sites
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- Browser with Javascript
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Long information

As I got an email of someone asking if there is a possibility to give the pic in Thumb-O-Matic a variable location on the site, I had to invent this routine.

It is nowhere as fancy as Thumb-O-Matic, just a bastardised version of the common mouseover script. So with this you have the ability to "dynamically" change a picture in the page at a fixed location.

The disadvantage of it is that you cannot change the size of the pic, all pics displayed with this routine have to be the same size.

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Installation Notes

Using Pic-O-Matic is quite easy, just put the javascript part in your <head> section of the page and insert a transparent gif as an image into the page.

This "dummy" will be replaced by the other pics later on, so it's measurements define the ones of the displayed pictures.

For Pic-O-Matic to work, this picture should get the name "dummy":

<img src="img/dot_clear.gif" name="dummy" width="100" height="100" alt="" border="0">

To exchange this picture with the desired one, you simply call Pic-O-Matic by:


Where yourimage is the image to be displayed and divtag is the layer where the image is located in, you only need to set this variable if the target image is in a layer.

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Usage Notes

Pic-O-Matic uses HTML 3.2, and Javascript 1.1, the routine itself is not executable without the appropriate HTML Document with the "dummy" image inside.

The script needs a browser that recognizes the "image" element (Netscape 3+, IE 4+)

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Demo pages

- Pic-O-Matic demo page
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