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Category: PHP Version:2.0
Last page update:14.04.2003

»Download EasyLinks.

Version History

- 2.0 Templated, admin part added
- 1.0 Initial release

Short information

EasyLinks is a very easy and customizable Links4all script, you can use it to create links of the day pages or shared bookmarks for you and your friends.

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- Do not use it for non-private, profit orientated sites.
- Keep the information and link back on the page.
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- PHP 4
- correct file attribute settings
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Long information

EasyLinks is a very easy and customizable Links4all script, you can use it to create links of the day pages or shared bookmarks of you and your friends.

EasyLinks displays the links in categories, that you define. You can select the category either from tabs or by textlinks.

Each category has an "add your link" link which allows users to add their own resources.

Users can select between a brief display, of just the link names, or a display with details.

The whole display and functionality is template driven, there is no need for any PHP knowledge.

The server owner can also change and delete each entry via an admin script.

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Installation Notes

To install/tweak Easylinks:

  1. unzip all the files in the pack in a new folder
  2. Set the file attributes of the file "easylinks.xml" to read/write/execute all (chmod 777).
  3. Change the categories and the look and feel in the "easylinks_template.html" file to yours. EasyLinks is template driven using a beta version of EasyTemplate. Simply follow the instructions in the comments of the file.
  4. Rename "admin.php" to something else when you don't want everybody to be able to change/delete links.
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Usage Notes

Using EasyLinks should be simply self-explanatory. Users can select their desired category by clicking the tabs or the textlinks (in the demo template), and choose to see the links in a compact way or in an expanded way (with explanations).

By clicking the "Add your own link" link, users will get a form where they enter their data. All fields are mandatory.

To edit or delete an entry, simply open "admin.php" in a browser and follow the instructions there.

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