Create WAP Pages out of your texts, easy and for free. Convert Text to WML.
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Category: Wizard Version:1.0
Last page update:14.04.2003

»Launch Wap-O-Matic.

Version History

- 1.0 Initial release

Short information

Wap-O-Matic allows you to create .wml pages for WAP enabled devices from any text without much ado.

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- Do not use it for non-private, profit orientated sites
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- Browser with Javascript enabled
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Long information

All you need to do is to enter or paste your text into a textarea. Then define the title of the page, and the wording of the link to the next page and the link back to the first. Define the character that indicates the beginning of a new card. Invalid character such as ä will be replaced with their valid equivalents.

After clicking on the "convert to WML" button, you can copy your wml page and save it to your harddisk for later upload.

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Installation Notes

No installation needed, just use it.

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Usage Notes

How to use Wap-O-Matic:
  1. Insert the title of your WAP page, this one will be displayed on each card.
  2. Define the word, that will be displayed as a link to the next card in the field "Next name"
  3. Define the word, that will be displayed as a link back to the first card in the field "Back name"
  4. Insert a Splitcharacter, whenever this character is found in the text. Wap-O-Matic will convert that to the beginning of a new card.
    For example, to convert the text:

    Hello world
    I am online
    even on your mobile

    in different WML cards on your mobile, you define | as the splitcharacter and enter Hello world|I am online|even on your mobile in the text area.
    You must not use "#" or """ as splitcharacters, as these are used internally.
  5. Edit or paste in your text, and add a splitcharacter whenever you want to start a new card.
  6. Click on the Convert to WML button and get your WML page for copy+paste!
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Demo pages

- Launch Wap-O-Matic
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